Does spiritual surgery hurt? My encounter with John of God (Part 1 “Getting there”)

The Savvy Sister

We are not human beings going though a spiritual experience…we are spiritual beings going through a human experience.

We are all spiritual beings whether you’ve realized it or not and there is a certain order to things if you pay attention.  (There may even be a reason why you are reading this post that may not be evident to you right away).  I recently made a trip to see “John of God” in Abadiania Brazil.  Here’s what happened.  There’s a lot, so I’ve split the trip into 3 parts: Getting there, My encounter with Joao and surgery day, and The afterthought.

For those of you who don’t know him, Joao Teixeira, or John of God, as he is more widely known, is one of the most powerful spiritual healers in the world.  Spiritual healing is different from energy healing. Joao is a full trance medium, which means he allows…

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