Noam Chomsky: The Tea Party is the ‘petite bourgeoisie’ face of corporate oligarchs

The Fifth Column


The Rachel Maddow Show was one of the first to report the connections between the Tea Party and corporate interests back in 2010.  Rolling Stone Magazine  and Common Dreams also published early reports of the Tea Party’s connections during that same time period.

Now,  Noam Chomsky adds to the information largely ignored by those who should know…the people who attach themselves to Tea Party politics even while doing so against their own economic interests.

The Raw Story

The Tea Party is just the popular face of corporate power in the United States, says political philosopher Noam Chomsky.

“I wouldn’t call them revolutionary,” Chomsky said, dismissing a suggestion that the conservative political faction had anarchist characteristics.

He told Radio VR during an interview posted online last week that he agreed with the conservative political analyst Norman Ornstein’s characterization of the Tea Party.

“He just described them as a…

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