CNN announces partnership with Twitter to ‘revolutionize’ news gathering

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Twitter reachTwitter’s new head of news, Vivian Schiller, announced her first project today: a partnership with CNN and the New York startup Dataminr. The initiative will help journalists cover breaking news by making sense of the flood of public information on Twitter. Dataminr uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the Twitter firehose of data and highlight the needle in the haystack so CNN reporters can find the most important, relevant, and reliable facts and images from around the world.

Dataminr is a five-year-old startup that has raised $48 million from investors like Box Group, Venrock and IVP. Until now it has worked with clients in financial services, helping banks and hedge funds make real-time investment decisions by processing huge amounts of social media content and extracting the high-value information. For example Dataminr told its financial clients that the AP tweet about an explosion at the White House was false…

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Vodka blamed for high death rates in Russia

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VodkaThe high number of early deaths in Russia is mainly due to people drinking too much alcohol, particularly vodka, research shows.

The study, in The Lancet, says 25% of Russian men die before they are 55, and most of the deaths are down to alcohol. The comparable UK figure is 7%.

Causes of death include liver disease and alcohol poisoning. Many also die in accidents or after getting into fights.

The study is thought to be the largest of its kind in the country.

Researchers from the Russian Cancer Centre in Moscow, Oxford University in the UK and the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer, in France, tracked the drinking patterns of 151,000 adults in three Russian cities over up to 10 years.

During that time, 8,000 of them died. The researchers also drew on previous studies in which families of 49,000 people who had died were…

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Stop the creeping take over in Ukraine


The current events in Ukraine are getting more and more alarming and dramatic. In a number of regions well-organized radical groups seize local bodies of power by force. It is not simple-hearted proponents of human rights who set a tone, but overt fascist elements.
Fans of Hitler are already at power in the Baltic states. Now they are rushing to power in Ukraine. It has come down to banning the activity of the Communist Party of Ukraine in two regions. Prosecution of communists is one of the most evident signs of brewing fascism. There is nothing spontaneous in what is happening in Ukraine. These processes are ruled by experienced puppet masters who gained their skills in arranging overthrows in Yugoslavia, Georgia, Libya, the counties of Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

Western politicians and diplomats openly conduct the acts of bashing in Ukraine as if it were not…

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DIAMOND terms WILLY PAUL as a CHEAP ATTENTION SEEKER and says that the two were not set to do a COLLABO


Late last year romours had it that Tanzanian Bongo Singer Diamond and Willy Paul were set to do a Collabo. Willy Paul had termed Diamond as his favourite Bongo artist and a mentor.  The Sitolia hit maker flaunted all over on social media and even posted photos of him and Diamond. Now it seems like all is not well. This is after Diamond Platnumz in an interview refuted claims that he and Willy Paul were set to do a Collabo. This is what the ” NATAKA KULEWA” hit maker said

“I cannot do a collabo with him before listening to his music. At the time we were meeting, I didn’t even remember his name.” Diamond said.

He also termed Willy Paul as a cheap public seeker who wanted to use him to cross boarders and that he had met him as a fan. Willy Paul on the other hand when…

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Shocking!!! Details Behind Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji Withdrawal

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Yesterday, ICC announced that judge Chile Eboe-Osuji has  pulled out of the case facing President Kenyatta in The Hague. The court picked judge Geoffrey A. Henderson to replace him when the case commences.
“As of 1 February 2014, judge Geoffrey A. Henderson will replace judge Chile Eboe-Osuji on the bench,” says a statement from the court.

Judge Henderson from Trinidad and Tobago was elected during the 12th session of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute in November 2013 for a term that will run until March 10, 2021. He was sworn in on December 12, 2013, at a ceremony held in The Hague. He joins judges Kuniko Ozaki and Robert Fremr.
Mr Eboe-Osuji is the presiding judge in the ongoing trial of Deputy President William Ruto and Joshua arap Sang.

The court did not give any reason for the move, only saying that the judge had requested…

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BREAKING: Journalist Walter Barasa to be extradited to The Hague

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WALTER BARASA may be airlifted to The Hague(ICC) after High Court dismisses his petition challenging extradition saying procedure by minister invalid.
Barasa had moved to the High Court to block his arrest and surrender to ICC over alleged witness bribery. He said it was not proper for the government to commence proceedings under International Crimes Acts before notifying and furnishing him with the information and evidence upon which the ICC issued his warrant of arrest. He argued that the procedure set out in the Act, in respect of Arrest and Surrender of Persons to the ICC, was fundamentally flawed and invalid under Kenya’s Constitution.
“On August 27, 2010, the Constitution was promulgated as the supreme law. Article 2(4) of the Constitution provides that any law, including customary law, that is inconsistent with the Constitution is void to the extent of the inconsistency, and any act or omission in contravention of…

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Siaya Governor Hired Tractors For Publicity

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Yesterday, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga led in “flagging off” of tractors meant to boost farming in Siaya County.

The event is reported to have cost millions of shillings of tax-payers’ money in terms of branding and advertising. A media house which broadcasted the event from Siaya is said to have received 10million shillings and another 2million shillings was spent in advertising.

But a day later, the Campus Post has established that the siaya county government never bought the tractors, but hired them from Kisumu CMC for display. “It was a make-believe event, shamelessly aired live nationally by Citizen TV. All the the tractors paraded yesterday by Cornel Rasanga Amoth and “Flagged-off” by Raila Odinga were hired from CMC Motors Kisumu for one day show. The launching yesterday was a publicity only.” A highly placed source at CMC MOTORS Kisumu has verified this.

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Study shows that African Union peace body ineffective in peacekeeping

Africa Sustainable Conservation News


PSC Review finds major gaps in Africa’s capacity for responding to armed conflict
30 January 2014

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Despite progress in the past decade and the increased capacity of the African Union (AU), the inability to marshal robust and timely responses lays bare the major gaps in the current African peace and security architecture.

This is according to Dr Solomon A Dersso, a senior researcher at the Institute for Security Studies, speaking at Thursday’s launch of the Annual Review of the Peace and Security Council 2013/3014 on the sidelines of the 22nd AU summit in Addis Ababa.

The Annual Review concluded that the African Union’s Peace and Security Council (PSC) has not deployed effective and timely responses to crises during 2013. While the PSC and regional conflict prevention mechanisms remain willing to respond – as demonstrated by the rise in the number and frequency of PSC meetings…

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Gallup Poll Finds Democrats More Compassionate; Republicans More Psychopathic

The Fifth Column

No doubt most Progressives already knew this, but a Gallup poll makes it official…

The Huffington Post

Gallup headlined on 28 January 2014, “Democrats and Republicans Differ on Top Priorities,” and reported that the biggest difference between supporters of the two Parties concerned “The environment,” where 71% of Democrats said it’s important to them, versus only 32% of Republicans who did: a whopping difference of 39%, between the two Parties, considered that issue to be important. The second-biggest difference was on “The distribution of income and wealth”: 72% of Democrats, versus only 38% of Republicans – a 34% difference. Third came “Poverty and homelessness”: 82% of Democrats, versus 53% of Republicans – a 29% difference. Fourth came “Education”: 91% of Democrats, versus 70% of Republicans – a 21% difference.

Here were the four issues on the conservative end, the four issues where Republicans scored the largest amount higher (more concerned)…

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